NEPAL SUBSEQUENTLY, Mar.’17 itinerary

Departing Melb. 12.30am 12th March via Bangkok
Arriving Kathmandu 12.45pm
Check in to Hotel Shambala with that glorious pool… hope the weather is fine!
Planning a few days of catching up with old friends and meeting newly arrived ones,

and of course there will be the catching up with the Volunteer organisation
Sajha Pahal means Public Help… (I can help you to help if you feel like it)
I’m hoping to catch up with the boys and their teachers and carers,

and of course my other passion, assist the girls with cricket and assist Aarati build her training centre for RCW,

Of course I want to see more of this wonderful country and meet more of it’s friendly and welcoming people, so I’ll be heading to the Tea gardens of Ilham, pics to follow,
Then a stay over at the Chitwan Royal Reserve to see the famous Rhino and Elephants, and perhaps catch sight of a tiger, stay over in a local village or two here and there and immerse myself in the serious cultural experience

and just 1 more moment of indulgence, trying to drop over the border into India and catch a Test match, Aust. v India…
Australia Nets Session

So, here is hoping for an even better trip, knowing a little more than I did the first time,
Follow me on Facebook, and I’ll try and load pics along the journey, and please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you would care to send a donation, I can ensure that whatever you send WILL go 100% to a person in need.



The Black Gold of the Sun

I’ve seen some amazing images this week, from raging flood waters in my home state of Tasmania, this amazing woman whose image title I struggled with, to the latest World Vision TV adverts depicting young girls living in danger and fear of becoming child brides or worse at the age of 8 years old.
I added a few of my own captured images too:
Cropped Mist
This one resonated with me, you know how sometimes something just clicks, well this one meant a bit personally, after struggling around in the fog of depression for a few years, I am finding some clarity lately, I’m grateful for the good friends who stick by me when things aren’t so good. So just to spell it out, the communications towers always managed to keep themselves in the clear, like me, just keeping my nose above water, but with the emergence of the solid mountain appearing, you can actually see those towers are built on a solid foundation, and while it’s not always visible, I know I have an unbelievably strong foundation, it’s just sometimes not visible…

Get better instead, I challenge you! (and me)

Each StepI recently started playing Cricket for fun, knowing that I’d never become exceptional because I began too late in life. I’ve become better and have a very minor talent for the game, so when I play poorly I now know and I get down on myself. When up against an opposition with far more skill I find it hard to do much else than get pissed off. Rather than let that anger out, I take note of it and use it to fuel my desire to practice more. Whether in sports, work, or everyday life, we can get complacent with our skill and forget that we always have some room for improvement. When you start to get mad, get better instead.

Harder Than Acting

Only those with inside knowledge know the truth, and for various reasons choose to remain quiet, I wish they wouldn’t, but what forum do they use to divulge their suspicions and truths?

A refugee's journey - Vietnam to Australia

They're the sand embedded in my shoes that wears me out, and yet all I can do is grit my teeth and smile. They’re the sand embedded in my shoes that wears me out, and yet all I can do is grit my teeth and smile.

It is easier to act in a play than fake liking ‘them’! To me acting isgenuinelyliving as the character, thinking and reacting as if I was them.Whenmy facial muscles want to contract, my hands shake and my heart beats faster and louder, I find it is actually harder to betray my body, myfeelings and put on a happy face in front of ‘them’.

I often wonder, “Why did you have to marry into my circle, so for the group’s sake, I have to keep the relationships in harmony?” Then I remember the time my father was incarcerated in the torturous communist jail, the maltreatment the Communist gave my family and my deadly escape from Vietnam.

Passing through the threshold of the door, I felt relieved that I…

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It’s not always clearcut, but that’s still no excuse…

SherpaA friend of mine sent me this link and question, I wish everyone had the opportunity to answer this question…
“What’s your take mate? Is this racism or is a mountain being made out of a molehill? Am very interested in hearing on this.”

This was my answer, I’d love you to add your own in the comments below:
“I try my best not to ‘see’ colour in anyone’s skin…

I’m at a disadvantage because I grew up in a period in my country where we had just thrown out a ‘White Australia Policy’ a truly disgusting piece of work.

But of course that meant that those attitudes were commonplace and even authorised by the government of the day, as you know, it takes years and years for attitudes to change… this country was invaded, and then Colonised by the British, a convenient place to send their miscreants and criminals to rehabilitate them and ‘build’ a new country… of course my school history books are / were written say that the British ‘discovered’ this land and therefore we became a ‘country’ in 1770… what a load of toss… anyways, that’s my background, but as I figure more things out for myself, and can truly see the world as it is, I jump forward to this issue of the Sherpa’s… This incident you refer to I address firstly in isolation, a typical white, rich and privileged man who is upset that the ‘natives’ are threatening his dream…
Arguably he has a point that his adventure of a lifetime is being threatened by the locals, $60,000 is quite significant to me, that may not be to him, I don’t know the facts there….

But seriously, these Sherpa’s have been grossly ignored due to ‘our’ love of the hero narrative, but in reality, they are more deserving of that narrative, the work they do to get the people to actually ‘summit’ Everest is truly amazing, the Sherpa’s that dug their heels in and refused to continue in the face of their fellow workers losing their lives and as mentioned, having the indignity of their bodies being trampled over is quite justifiable and plain and simply right.

Now, is it racist?

I can’t answer definitively, but I would suggest that more than likely this man’s attitudes are influenced by racist undertones, we have that term ‘casual racism’ that needs calling out, like sexism, gay and trans phobia’s… The only way for our society to become truly inclusive is to stamp out this insidious form of influence, yes, I too can succumb to it, I have to monitor myself all the time, continually finding different words, different phrases to use… sure, I will still see the funny side in ‘jokes’ and humour as long as they are not cruel or vicious attacks on another person who can’t or doesn’t have the ability or opportunity to defend themselves.

Was there an answer to your question in there mate? I hope so!

Thanks for asking.”
Chat conversation end

As an addendum to the above, I was further disgusted and disappointed
to see the vile attacks that a wonderful former Olympian and Member of Parliament Nova Peris has had to endure from the racists that dwell in my country, so sad…. I hope she continues calling these racist pricks out.