This is a little piece that was inspired from my Facebook page, and while it misses many hilarious, sad and varied events, it’s a reasonable attempt at ‘about’ … please enjoy, I’ll update and add bits from time to time.
Life, it’s a funny thing…. someone asked me tonight, after I sent them a friend request…. “who are you”
I started jotting off a few things that I thought they could relate to….
“Just like my profile says, Steve Roberts.
I used to race an EH Sports Sedan, not very well, Baskerville, Symmons Plains, Calder, Sandown and Winton. Fitted Tyres and Car Accessories at a little workshop in Tas. I worked on Chris Lambden’s Beaurepaires Motorsport Commodore and Nissan with the best bunch of blokes ever. I’ve been in most pit lanes in the country, including many Bathursts, Wellington and Pukekoe, I’ve crewed for John Bowe on the Lucky Nuts Ralt RT4. I have crewed on and off for Kerry Baily on all of his championship winning Sports Sedans. Over the years I’ve done some work with a few F5000 guys, F2 guys and HQ Holdens…. actually I could write a few pages I reckon… some things we wont mention like short sheeting Larry Perkins bed one night when all the teams were staying in the Bond Tower in Perth for a Wanneroo round of the ATCC…. He couldn’t work it out, so he slept sideways all night, still didn’t out qualify him though! and then there are Wedge’s Acetylene bombs over Lance Ruting’s caravan in the old Bathurst pits.oh, and the STP girls, phew!
oh, I forgot to mention the 1953 FJ Holden in my backyard, and when I noticed the pic of the Effijay on your wall, I had a look and saw the A9X pic there to, I had an LX Hatchback as my first car, brand new in 1976…. yep, I’m an old bugger, and forgotten more than a lot know about motorsport….
I’ve snow ski’d every mountain in Aust. and went across the ditch to Cardrona, Treble Cone and the Remarkables in NZ, I’ve launched myself off bridges with Bungy Ropes around my ankles in Queenstown NZ, Ski’d at Lake Louise, Whistler and Blackcomb in Canada. Snorkelled around the WW2 Tanks on the coral reefs around Saipan. I’m a Printer by trade, have I knocked out a few million telephone directories on 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week… with another bunch of great blokes, and then of course there is the famous Wheels Car of the Year issue, speak to Paul Gover and Chris Lambden about that little moment!! Numerous editions of Melways, Cleo and the famous poster of Elle McPherson in her Yellow swim suit, yep, I printed that one, had my own company for 10 years, can still knock out a business card for you. Loved and lost (a few times over) fathered 2 of the best kids ever. Still consider my best friend as the kid I met in grade 5 at Waimea Heights Primary school in Sandy Bay, we went on to the same High School together the same one as Princess Mary of Denmark, and of course there are the years of playing e flat bass in the Salvation Army Band, yep, I probably woke you up on a Sunday Morning…. or you may have seen me in the Salvo band marching with the diggers in the Anzac Day Parade down Macquarie st on the way to the Cenotaph. Perhaps you caught site of me when I stood out on the trotting track at the Show grounds as old Vern Reid stood up on the seat of his Honda Goldwing with a young lady up on his shoulders and weaved in and out of us human traffic cones. Perhaps you saw me and my cousin sailing my dinghy and getting becalmed and the Water Police out with spotlights trying to find us… or just whizzing from Moordialloc to Frankston on a Sunday morning in my daughters little pink Minnow.
Maybe you might know me from the Dark Green Yamaha RD350 that overtook you around the outside on the Shot Tower corner, or perhaps we slipped by you on the Blue Suzuki 750 Water Bottle down the old Longford straight 2up at well over 190kmh….Perhaps I whizzed by you in my little black 2.7 lt 911 Targa on my way back from Adelaide, trying to crack it under 6 hours…
I’ve taken up cricket now though, so there will be a lot of Cricket stuff on my wall if you friend me…. your choice, it’s your Facebook.


One thought on “About

  1. You are the sum total of the 5 people you hang out with the most! Think about that!!!

    Write those names down. Are they serving you? Do they lift you up? Make you a better person?

    It’s an eye opening exercise….

    What did you learn?

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