The Black Gold of the Sun

I’ve seen some amazing images this week, from raging flood waters in my home state of Tasmania, this amazing woman whose image title I struggled with, to the latest World Vision TV adverts depicting young girls living in danger and fear of becoming child brides or worse at the age of 8 years old.
I added a few of my own captured images too:
Cropped Mist
This one resonated with me, you know how sometimes something just clicks, well this one meant a bit personally, after struggling around in the fog of depression for a few years, I am finding some clarity lately, I’m grateful for the good friends who stick by me when things aren’t so good. So just to spell it out, the communications towers always managed to keep themselves in the clear, like me, just keeping my nose above water, but with the emergence of the solid mountain appearing, you can actually see those towers are built on a solid foundation, and while it’s not always visible, I know I have an unbelievably strong foundation, it’s just sometimes not visible…


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