It’s not always clearcut, but that’s still no excuse…

SherpaA friend of mine sent me this link and question, I wish everyone had the opportunity to answer this question…
“What’s your take mate? Is this racism or is a mountain being made out of a molehill? Am very interested in hearing on this.”

This was my answer, I’d love you to add your own in the comments below:
“I try my best not to ‘see’ colour in anyone’s skin…

I’m at a disadvantage because I grew up in a period in my country where we had just thrown out a ‘White Australia Policy’ a truly disgusting piece of work.

But of course that meant that those attitudes were commonplace and even authorised by the government of the day, as you know, it takes years and years for attitudes to change… this country was invaded, and then Colonised by the British, a convenient place to send their miscreants and criminals to rehabilitate them and ‘build’ a new country… of course my school history books are / were written say that the British ‘discovered’ this land and therefore we became a ‘country’ in 1770… what a load of toss… anyways, that’s my background, but as I figure more things out for myself, and can truly see the world as it is, I jump forward to this issue of the Sherpa’s… This incident you refer to I address firstly in isolation, a typical white, rich and privileged man who is upset that the ‘natives’ are threatening his dream…
Arguably he has a point that his adventure of a lifetime is being threatened by the locals, $60,000 is quite significant to me, that may not be to him, I don’t know the facts there….

But seriously, these Sherpa’s have been grossly ignored due to ‘our’ love of the hero narrative, but in reality, they are more deserving of that narrative, the work they do to get the people to actually ‘summit’ Everest is truly amazing, the Sherpa’s that dug their heels in and refused to continue in the face of their fellow workers losing their lives and as mentioned, having the indignity of their bodies being trampled over is quite justifiable and plain and simply right.

Now, is it racist?

I can’t answer definitively, but I would suggest that more than likely this man’s attitudes are influenced by racist undertones, we have that term ‘casual racism’ that needs calling out, like sexism, gay and trans phobia’s… The only way for our society to become truly inclusive is to stamp out this insidious form of influence, yes, I too can succumb to it, I have to monitor myself all the time, continually finding different words, different phrases to use… sure, I will still see the funny side in ‘jokes’ and humour as long as they are not cruel or vicious attacks on another person who can’t or doesn’t have the ability or opportunity to defend themselves.

Was there an answer to your question in there mate? I hope so!

Thanks for asking.”
Chat conversation end

As an addendum to the above, I was further disgusted and disappointed
to see the vile attacks that a wonderful former Olympian and Member of Parliament Nova Peris has had to endure from the racists that dwell in my country, so sad…. I hope she continues calling these racist pricks out.


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