I wrote something for you…..

RandomI wrote something for you….

When I think of you,
so many emotions run through my mind.
When I don’t hear from you, so many concerns tear at me,
I feel like a mighty monsoon is descending on me, slowly drowning everything, overwhelming loss is around me,
so my senses are surrounded by you, like an emerald green mountain river, so deep it’s slipping quietly but firmly over the hard rocks and obstructions of my life, flowing, gurgling, and coursing but gently polishing my rough edges.Babbling Brook
Such is the peace you give to me, like a gentle breeze, cooling my heated brow, caressing my hot fevered ‘wanting you’ skin.
You calm my heart,
like a cool summer’s night, as the hot sun disappears into a bedazzling sunset the coolness of your being calms my heart, my soul,
and in the morning as dawn breaks, you are like that glimmering sun, bursting through the leaves, warming the branches of my complicated life, shining your light around, illuminating and highlighting.
So you warm my soul, my love, your voice cheers me, like a songbird with it’s lovesong, a sweet perfect melody floating on the breeze captivating my thoughts.
Your smile entrances me, like a precious gem, glowing, polished, sparkling and admired by all who see it, all lusting for a glimpse of it.
Your eyes inspire me, excite me, the windows to the inner you, the sensual you that is like the long summer grasses,
waving gently in the breeze inviting, soft and gorgeous.
Your hair invites my touch, fine and smooth, a work of art, long and flowing, dancing off your shoulders with the grace of a ballerina, swirling, turning, beautiful.MG_8118
Your skin delights me, I can sense the pulse of the Orient barely below the surface, ever present, powerful, a phenomenon unseen.
Your heart attracts me, it’s everything you are, everything you do,
each act of kindness
each look
each touch
every smile
every word
all combine to make me love you,
the precious adorable you…


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