Nepal and the ill at ease… (me)

Border control stole my toothpaste,
My passport didn’t eject from the scanner
Duty free shopping was quite good value
Coffee at Hudsons was better, found a power point in a dark corner to charge my phone
Good flight, the dinosaur couldn’t drive the in-flight video
Didn’t need dinner, breakfast was fine, omelette and croissant, been up since 3.40am, so slept quite well, woke up 3 times with dribble down the cheek, hardly spoke a word to Lisa hard faced bitch in the window seat, I had the aisle with a spare between us! She wasn’t talking before the dribble episode, so I think I got away with that one, Clock on phone says its 9am, but I thinks its around 5.04 am, still dark, hitting the runway now, bit of reverse cowboy going on there, with a twist of sideways..
Bangkok airport is huge…miles n miles of duty free shops and vertical smiles , all the top end brands, face masks everywhere, maybe I should have got those shots… And what’s the theory behind the dunny being full of water before you start, talk about having a nervous !! Morning Glory for breakfast is pretty standard for a single bloke, but when it gets stuck in between your teeth its a bit annoying, not too sure the red Chilli’s were a good idea before a 4 hour flight, turns out Lisa hardfaced bitch is on this flight too, Christ, haven’t I been punished enough with that sort, just as well I don’t believe in destiny… Boarding now, looks like only Nepalese men fly, its about 95% – 5% and I’m including foreigners in the 5%!
Well there’s a trick, after walking 3 or 4km’s through enticing and glitzy shops, they’ve put me on a bus…. Lined up alongside a Nippon airways cargo plane for a drag race down the airstrip, back the other direction 4km, the cargo plane chickened out… Started going past the propeller jobs, then the bigbirds with the engine cowlings off… Should I be worried or preparing for a long bus ride to Nepal?
Finally up the stairs, and met by another smorgasbord of exquisite Thai stewards…
Ah, life balance returned.. And I’ve avoided Lisa hardfaced bitch, she’s 1 row back against the window, sun burning in… I do believe in karma!
Another great flight courtesy of Thai airways, immaculate service. The fish and rice was superb.
So I got to catch up on a movie, Star Wars, pretty cool, filled in the customs declaration form and arrival form, then braced for impact, well it was pretty cool, got some sideways action again as the ground effect took over from the airspeed… Cool surrounds, military choppers, a few wrecks, but a really modern fire station and appliances.
Stroll across the runway, visible signs of the earthquake damage if your looking, enter the terminal to the smell of fresh paint, they are trying hard to recover, its a 70’s brown brick unappealing place, So glad I got my visa in advance, queue was short, easy entry, down the escalator to a teeming seething caucophony of humanity… Wow, 2 or 3 prior arrivals stretched the 2 carousels to their limit, took a while…. Wandered out to customs with paper work in hand, waved nonchalantly through and I headed out into the unknown.. Taxi spruikers were keen, but over the road was a young well dressed man holding up my name, success!!
Dropped a day of writing, some quick notes following,
So we navigate across the car park, there’s a lot more to that navigate word I could expand on…
Squeeze into a little ( with its own driver) diahatsu or similar, and then proceed to inch our way to the exit, obviously at 2km an hour your horn needs to be used often, get to guy, he is taking monopoly money, the red ones, but I couldn’t tell he was any different to all the other guys standing around…
Get around the corner to see armed military checking cars, I nervously waved and they waved us through to the laughter of my driver and manservant… I asked what happened, they said they are always stopped, but the guards thought I must have been important because my wave looked like I was waving them away and they obeyed, probably accounts for the youngest one saluting as we moved on…
So, have you ever experienced chaos, no, not kids toys all over the floor, I mean chaos that could end in serious injury, well, the roads are bedlam, no, serious bedlam. We drove on the left most of the time, the motorbikes and scooters just swarm around you like bush flies at a bbq, turning left is cool, turning right across oncoming traffic is like that feeling your not going to make the toilet when you have diahorrea… I’m writing this 2 days later, so my description is more relaxed…
Amazing sights, my senses were in overload, obviously some quite poor people and street traders, were everywhere, the building is as to be expected, plus signs of earthquake devastation was always in view, it probably took 30 minutes to reach the hotel in Thamel district, and I was just launched onto a different planet, tiny narrow barely paved alleyways that are roads, foot traffic scooters and bikes, plus the tiny taxis, nothing bigger than a VW Polo, which are the luxury ones… Tiny little bolt holes as street shops, thousands and thousands of them, just amazing, so we ducked up an even smaller alley with large steel black gates, the driver tooted (on reflection my driver was easy going on the horn department) and finally a young man about 14 swung the gates open to a nice secluded courtyard… Phew!

Climbed the stairs to the 4th floor, to a clean respectable 3 star room, you get what you pay for, and this is fine.


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