The Safe Schools hysteria

No one wants bullying to exist in our schools, and even more so, when it does rear it’s ugly head, we want it stopped dead in it’s tracks, we want the perpetrator AND the bullied to receive counselling and support. I note that there are issues from the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby) regarding some of the information being supplied by linked organisations that particularly pertain to gender issues. This is the issue that has tipped the Coalition Government over the edge, and it has initiated a Report into the program. It is reported that when the PM became aware of Penis tucking, chest strapping and other information being supplied, he stopped the discussion and asked for the Report, there were also concerns regarding the Costs of the program, fearing a rort, he included this in the terms of reference. The hysteria that this has caused in the left thinking populace is amazing, the program hasn’t been stopped, there is a Report been ordered. This reminds me of the anti-Abbott era, people are doing their cause no good by jumping at shadows, if you’re concerned about the Report, contact your Federal MP, that’s what they are for!


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