IMG_1875The Awkward Commute;

Positioning myself to avoid the cold blast of air from the overhead conditioning unit, one seat away from the window, at 5.07am it seemed like a good idea on a minus 1 degree morning, until 4 stops down the line a large man launched himself over me, swishing my face with his shoulder bag, stomping on my foot on his way past to what used to be considered when I was a child the prized window seat, after a few moments of bodily contact I realized that he wasn’t or more correctly couldn’t re-adjust his position on the seat due to the fact that my initial summation of large was in fact an under estimate, faced with being in full body contact or having half my buttock off the edge of my seat for the next 50 minutes I felt that my self worth and the feeling in my cheek should be preserved and I resolutely maintained my seated position. After a stop or two I began to realise that the heavy and loud breathing was not due to any rush to catch the train, or the soft touch headphones restricting his hearing, but indeed the suffering lungs struggling to fill with air inside the restricted chest cavity. I proceeded to ensure that each page I turned in my book and every sip of coffee I raised to my lips involved full pressure contact in his generous direction, he shuffled a few times, lifting his meaty arm to allow me movement under his over bearing wing, I resolutely maintained my position and inwardly braced myself for a possible verbal stoush, alas it was not to be, with 3 stops to go he rose like a mammoth and waddled off down the train to the doors, it gave me a whole new meaning to the humorous term ‘travel fat’ … I wonder if he was gay and ‘enjoyed’ the experience?


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