Rock Pool, that’s how I feel.

Rock pool

Carved from the infernal and relentless crashing waves of the overwhelming ocean of life, when the sea of turmoil is quiet, I reflect your gaze, but you look into the depths of my soul, what do you see? The beauty of my world, the glowing and growing organisms of my life, brightly coloured swaying plants that appeal to your eyes, but I see it as weed, sucking the life out of me, leaving me gasping and desperate for the crashing waves to deposit some sustenance, replenish my life force…. Be careful, while some of my jagged edges have been smoothed by the ravages of time, I still have harsh jagged edges that may maim your delicate flesh, watch carefully if you dip your hand into my clear and sun warmed waters of my heart, I contain enenemas filled with the poison of past hurtful relationships, or that crab with its quick and vicious pincers, like the bully in the school yard who nipped my love and trust in others, but if you treat my waters gently and with respect I may delight you with beauty and magnificence, holding your attention and captivating your imagination, refreshing your inner heart with concepts of wonderment… WATCH OUT !!! The tide has turned, the waves once again crash savagely against my hardened exterior, replacing the sun warmed water with the freezing rush….like the coldness of loveless humanity, invading my soul, forcing you to withdraw your hand and love from me, beating a hasty retreat to the safety of the warm sand on your feet.

Perhaps like a child you will return tomorrow? I hope you do, my nights are dark and lonely, I look forward to seeing your bright eyes, the beauty in the radiance of your smile…. I still have the smile you gave me yesterday, it’s precious to me, I’ll cherish it, it gives me hope for tomorrow….



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