A sort of courage and dignity that most men lack these days!

“A sort of courage and dignity that most men lack these days!”
A gorgeous, stunningly beautiful acquaintance of mine stated this today…..

and although it just made me lust for her even more than ever, it made me sad…. sad that she can’t find the man of her dreams.
This person is the embodiment of the classic yet modern woman, she has style, class and a healthy down to earth charm, she tells it like it is, she enjoys life and ensures variety in it, she has the courage to chase, what I presume is, her dream of performing Opera Internationally with the Welsh National Opera. 
While I don’t wish to divulge parts of her personal life, I know that she has not been lucky in love, and can see from the above that she yearns for it.
Sometimes verging on being the ‘cat lady’ but seems to skilfully avoid that tag by taking a timely overseas jaunt, leaving the precious cats in a boarding kennel… (what does one call a home for cats?)
The dust on her car often has the word MILF written on it….
There is no doubt she has what it takes to catch the eye of a lot of males…. but as to men, and I mean courageous dignified men, how does one attract this rare commodity ?
Are there men out there who qualify for these tags?
How does one become ‘courageous’ in this day and age? Volunteer for duty on the front line in Afghanistan ?? Become a Policeman, and stand in the line of fire, or between wives and husbands who think domestic violence is ok?
Or is courage just simply getting out of bed each day to face the horrors of life, the never ending chase for enough money to cover the bills, the avoidance of bullying ex-wives who hold the threat over your head of persecuting your children while in their care?
And what is dignity, I always likened it to someone stepping in dog poo, and when the stench becomes un-bearable, simply keeping a stiff upper lip and carrying on as if there was no issue or horrendous assault on the nostrils.
Dignity could be holding the head high, when people whisper behind your back about your last seasons clothing that your wearing because you want to have your children dressed in this years fashion, or ignoring the snigger as you drive the car that has seen better days, because you want your children to stay in the private school system and develop that essential circle of lifelong friends.
Or is ‘dignified’ stifling your loud and noisy guffaw to a barely audible snigger? 

I seriously wonder what has brought this wonderful, sensational, scintillating woman with the voice of an angel, to label ‘most men lacking’
I do know some great dignified and courageous men, I sincerely doubt they would turn the head of today’s woman……
It’s a sad state of affairs really…..


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