Sundays, always interesting, starts off relaxed and builds to the panic of preparations for the working week.

An acquaintance asked about my batting stance for Cricket… I’m playing in the Over 40 comp today on a turf wicket in Balwyn.
I bat fairly upright, but relaxed, slightly bent knees, balance is critical to me as I struggle to change my commitment, head straight, with eyes level. I have my bat in the ‘cocked’ position, so my backlift does not take too long, hands tucked into my stomach and hip with the bat pointing towards 1st slip, I need to constantly remind myself of this stance, as I become tired, I notice my hands drop and my bat wanders off to pointing at 3rd slip or beyond!!

Caught up with the action at the Bathurst 12 hour Production car race, fantastic to see Lambo’s, Ferrari’s, Porsche’s going flat out !
Some absolute carnage early on at the frighteningly fast Skyline area…..
Very nice to see an old friend win one of the support races yesterday, Leigh Forest got his Celica home in Improved Production.

New Zealand are trying to do their best to snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory in a Test match v India. India currently require 309 runs to win with 2 days remaining…..

Walked Buckley, ignored the pile of dirty dishes, and now heading off to clean at the cricket club for 2 hours before heading off to the model boat club to pick up another player…. secretly hoping that the temperature drops as predicted soon, I heard a forecast of 37… not happy !!

Watto enters Twitter with 6000 followers already, oh and he’s injured, again!
Twatto is finally on Twitter as @ShaneRWatson33

and then I found this…. and got the warm fuzzy feelings that make me wish and hope that Australia will continue to embrace and blend these cultures into our own….


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