Pay TV and we still can’t get what we want !

Pic courtesy of

Pic courtesy of

“Victorian Bushrangers: Steve Roberts ^^^ matches are streamed live via”
So the Sheffield Shield is about to resume, and it’s looking like a juicy match coming up between the Mexicans and the Blue Baggers, check the TV schedule and despite paying through the nose for Foxtel every month and the recent upgrade to ensure all free to air digital channels are receivable it seems I will have to fire up another computer and screen to dedicate to a live stream which thanks to the Bushrangers I will be at least able to watch the action, albeit minus commentary.
While I understand the commercial realities of providing a TV broadcast, if streaming is available, surely to supply that feed to a digital or even Pay TV channel would not be expensive? and surely there are some budding or sports journalists in training that could be offered a gig adding some thoughts, even in the style of the old days ?
As some people of the older generation say, while so many things change, so much also stays the same!!


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