TOGETHER we can make a BIG IMPACT.

One Punch attacks and violence in general are at the forefront of conversations across the nation at present.
The problem has grown across Australia at concerning levels, and the media is rife with horrific stories of irrational violence by young people. 

Street violence is a public health problem that is preventable and needs to be addressed, immediately, but in a coordinated and strategic manner. 

Addressing this epidemic now needs genuine leadership with a National focus, not the seemingly ad hoc and reactive responses currently occurring around the country. 

Accordingly ‘anti-violence’ Foundations across the country are set to come together in the Nations capital to form a strong, determined force to make a real change throughout Australia. Some of the organisations gathering in Canberra will include:
• Step Back Think (Vic)
• Sammy D Foundation (SA)
• Matthew Stanley Foundation (QLD)
• Injury Control Council of WA (WA)
• IF Foundation (WA)
• Stop. One Punch Can Kill (Vic)
• Queensland Homicide Victims Support Group

The group will also be joined by a number of individual representatives who have had their lives impacted as a result of senseless violence, including Amee Meredith from the Northern Territory who tragically lost her husband in 2010 and Chris Lee from NSW who himself was a victim.

On MONDAY February 3rd in Canberra the group will gather together with the aim of forming a National Alliance that will focus on developing a National Framework the reflecting a shared vision of policies, prevention strategies, programmes, key stakeholders and communication plans that will guide efforts across multiple sectors in the fight against senseless violence. 

TOGETHER we can make a BIG IMPACT.


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