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NEPAL SUBSEQUENTLY, Mar.’17 itinerary

Departing Melb. 12.30am 12th March via Bangkok
Arriving Kathmandu 12.45pm
Check in to Hotel Shambala with that glorious pool… hope the weather is fine!
Planning a few days of catching up with old friends and meeting newly arrived ones,

and of course there will be the catching up with the Volunteer organisation
Sajha Pahal means Public Help… (I can help you to help if you feel like it)
I’m hoping to catch up with the boys and their teachers and carers,

and of course my other passion, assist the girls with cricket and assist Aarati build her training centre for RCW,

Of course I want to see more of this wonderful country and meet more of it’s friendly and welcoming people, so I’ll be heading to the Tea gardens of Ilham, pics to follow,
Then a stay over at the Chitwan Royal Reserve to see the famous Rhino and Elephants, and perhaps catch sight of a tiger, stay over in a local village or two here and there and immerse myself in the serious cultural experience

and just 1 more moment of indulgence, trying to drop over the border into India and catch a Test match, Aust. v India…
Australia Nets Session

So, here is hoping for an even better trip, knowing a little more than I did the first time,
Follow me on Facebook, and I’ll try and load pics along the journey, and please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you would care to send a donation, I can ensure that whatever you send WILL go 100% to a person in need.


Meeting someone special

I’d read her stats, seen her pics, saw her leadership, never dreamt that I would meet her…
I briefly met her first at the MCG, sneaking by security to get to the edge of the field of play, positioned myself by the players race with my SLR and my phone camera, snapped away while she was training, doing drills, then as she came close I called out her name, thankfully she responded and came closer, I introduced myself and then asked If I could take a quick snap…


Thankfully she added me on social media and through a mutual friend we arranged to meet.
This young woman is fiercely proud of her country, proud of her widowed mums efforts to put her through boarding school, proud of her tiny families efforts to support her through her career so far, is so thankful for the opportunities that have been given her.
This young lady is so thankful to the Melbourne Renegades for giving her this dream of training with them, on the ground of all grounds, the MCG!
Thankful to the people who mysteriously organised for her to be here, they know who they are!
But she is the most proud when she pulls on the colours of Nepal,
rubina-v-india as she expresses this passion for her country you can’t help but realise that this woman is the essence of Nepal,
she is kind, educated, respectful, concerned for the future of Nepal and for her passion, womens cricket, she agonisingly explains to me the far western region and how the girls there struggle to raise the bus fare to get to any tournament organised, she recounts paying for the hire of the bus out of her own pocket to get these girls to a tournament.

The time passes quickly, discussing the difference between the regular Aussie season and the haphazard oddly organised tournaments for girls, how people like RCW founder Aarati Bidari does her best in difficult circumstance, often misunderstood in her efforts to assist women in cricket.
She expresses her desire to have a cohesive board of cricket that treats women as equal to the male cricketers, the recent 7th Nationals exposed some great batting abilities that were sadly not on display at the recent Qualification for the World Cup, Rubina siting that the lack of games in the lead up to the World Cup qualifiers had the girls nervous and on edge which resulted in lower than usual performance. The bowling stood up well.
She is hopeful for the future and that people like Bhawana Ghimire bhawana
can pull together all the influencers and work together with the prominant players to schedule regular games and tournaments for the young women wishing to play and pursue a career in cricket.
If this courageous and endearing young woman gets her way, cricket will be the winner!

Today I met another amazing human being, I consider myself most privileged.

The Black Gold of the Sun

I’ve seen some amazing images this week, from raging flood waters in my home state of Tasmania, this amazing woman whose image title I struggled with, to the latest World Vision TV adverts depicting young girls living in danger and fear of becoming child brides or worse at the age of 8 years old.
I added a few of my own captured images too:
Cropped Mist
This one resonated with me, you know how sometimes something just clicks, well this one meant a bit personally, after struggling around in the fog of depression for a few years, I am finding some clarity lately, I’m grateful for the good friends who stick by me when things aren’t so good. So just to spell it out, the communications towers always managed to keep themselves in the clear, like me, just keeping my nose above water, but with the emergence of the solid mountain appearing, you can actually see those towers are built on a solid foundation, and while it’s not always visible, I know I have an unbelievably strong foundation, it’s just sometimes not visible…

Get better instead, I challenge you! (and me)

Each StepI recently started playing Cricket for fun, knowing that I’d never become exceptional because I began too late in life. I’ve become better and have a very minor talent for the game, so when I play poorly I now know and I get down on myself. When up against an opposition with far more skill I find it hard to do much else than get pissed off. Rather than let that anger out, I take note of it and use it to fuel my desire to practice more. Whether in sports, work, or everyday life, we can get complacent with our skill and forget that we always have some room for improvement. When you start to get mad, get better instead.

Harder Than Acting

Only those with inside knowledge know the truth, and for various reasons choose to remain quiet, I wish they wouldn’t, but what forum do they use to divulge their suspicions and truths?

A refugee's journey - Vietnam to Australia

They're the sand embedded in my shoes that wears me out, and yet all I can do is grit my teeth and smile. They’re the sand embedded in my shoes that wears me out, and yet all I can do is grit my teeth and smile.

It is easier to act in a play than fake liking ‘them’! To me acting isgenuinelyliving as the character, thinking and reacting as if I was them.Whenmy facial muscles want to contract, my hands shake and my heart beats faster and louder, I find it is actually harder to betray my body, myfeelings and put on a happy face in front of ‘them’.

I often wonder, “Why did you have to marry into my circle, so for the group’s sake, I have to keep the relationships in harmony?” Then I remember the time my father was incarcerated in the torturous communist jail, the maltreatment the Communist gave my family and my deadly escape from Vietnam.

Passing through the threshold of the door, I felt relieved that I…

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